DC Dental uses two Shuttle XP's and four horizontal carousels for efficient order fulfilment

DC Dental uses two Shuttle XP's and four horizontal carousels for efficient order fulfilment

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Batch picking orders utilizing a pick and pass fulfillment strategy with two VLMs, four horizontal carousels and carton flow rack; DC Dental has handled a 54% volume increase with 67% less labor and 73% floor space savings.

A startup company founded in 2002, DC Dental has shaken up the dental supply industry with their commitment to value, delivery speed and high quality customer service. They are the fastest growing, full service dental supplier in the country, delivering competitively priced supplies to dental professionals in the mid-Atlantic region. Their success is dependent on getting the correct product from the warehouse to the dentist as quickly as possible while maintaining the best price. 

DC Dental uses the latest warehouse and distribution technologies and innovative systems to keep efficiencies high and overhead low, allowing them to pass these cost savings along to their customers. They hit a bump in the road after a 2012 acquisition increased warehouse volume by 54% overnight.

"We considered outsourcing to a 3PL, but it was important to us to keep distribution in house to ensure we maintain our customer commitments of speed and value that have made us successful," said Friedman.

Project Requirements:

  • Increase Capacity
  • Maintain Distribution In House


  • Two Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules
  • Four Horizontal Carousels
  • Power Pick Global Inventory Management Software


  • 54% Volume Increase
  • 67% Less Labor
  • 73% Floor Space Savings

"Our innovate material handling strategy has influenced our reputation in the industry as a reliable, fast, customer centric dental supplier and has helped us obtain the rights to represent additional partners and product lines," said Friedman.