Berner Oberland Bahnen AG – efficient storage for SMEs

Berner Oberland Bahnen AG operates several railroad routes in Switzerland. Its warehouse had to be modernized in the course of replacing its rolling stock, because there was too little space in the old storage facility due to the growing number of spare parts kept in stock and the long distances involved for the employees retrieving them. In order to reduce these distances and increase picking speed, the company decided to integrate automated storage systems from Kardex Remstar.


  • Greater storage space on a smaller footprint
  • Quick and accurate retrieval
  • A precise overview of the inventory at all times


  • Highly dense storage in shuttles reduces the amount of space needed, despite the growth in the number of items stored
  • Shorter travel times and automatic retrieval accelerate order picking
  • Software-controlled retrieval increases picking accuracy
  • Power Pick Global provides a comprehensive overview of stock levels at all times

Scope of delivery:

  • 4 Shuttle XP 500 units
  • Power Pick Global warehouse management software

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