FLAMA - Multi-level storage solution in high-tech manufacturing

Shanghai FLAMA Welding Equipment is one of China’s leading manufacturers of inverter welders. They are assembled in a multistory building, resulting in long and costly journeys for the items retrieved from the warehouse.

In addition, exacting quality standards are laid down due to the SMT manufacturing process used for the electrical components. In order to meet these standards, get to grips with the growing material quantities and product requirements, and speed up the supply of components to the assembly area, FLAMA decided to integrate 12 Megamat RS units and 2 Shuttle XP units from Kardex Remstar.


  • Retrieval of parts on both floors of the assembly area
  • Greater storage capacity within the existing space
  • Faster order picking
  • Secure storage of the components


  • Megamat RS units are used for storing the electrical components needed for the SMT manufacturing process
  • Each Shuttle XP unit is 13 meters high with access openings on two levels, making it possible to retrieve parts on both floors of the assembly area
  • Picking times have been accelerated by 20 percent and labor costs cut by 20 percent
  • Highly dense storage has reduced the amount of space needed by 30 percent
  • PPG warehouse management software has resulted in picking precision of 99 percent while providing a comprehensive overview of the inventory

Scope of delivery:

  • 12 Kardex Remstar Megamat RS units
  • 2 Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP units
  • Power Pick Global warehouse management software


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